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About us

CHEERY GROUP is a Chinese business group
with more than ten years experience in import
and export, specialize in consulting and
trade to Portuguese-speaking countries.
CHEERY GROUP thus developed commercial relations with Portugal
and with Portuguese-speaking countries, in particular Angola,
Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde, Brazil, S.
Thomas and P rince and East Timor.
In order to support these commercial relations, CHERRY GROUP has offices in Portugal, Angola and Mozambique.
CHEERY GROUP was created with the aim of supporting your customers
in various business areas, from import and
export of all types of materials until
the investment consultancy.

We provide services
business environment, starting with travel and
visa. To serve our clients well, we treat
of their reception, of transfers from
airport to hotel reservations, and to the services of
We make it possible to find the best suppliers and
comparing prices. Our team handles the transport of
and insurance, as well as contracts and
legal aid.
Our customers can visit the factories and
inspect the products. We support the creation of
insurance of the business, packaging and
export of the goods in transport, in
Customs and customs services on exit from
goods and reception in the countries of destination.
We offer services that support major projects in the choice of products as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, notably in the area of resale of beauty products (hair, jewelry) and clothing.
In addition, a team of professionals accompanies
the customers, helping them in every step of the
-The Key in Hand investment of CHERRY GROUP.
Currently, in a pandemic scenario, we are launching a new service aimed at meeting market needs, representing support for economic recovery in the various countries.
We support our clients from project design to execution and monitoring. The Key in Hand project aims to guide and support the client who
wishes to invest in the various branches: hospital, education, industry (processing of food products, everyday products), catering or selling to
livestock (e.g. rearing of chickens, cattle, pigs and goats), agriculture, mining, fishing or beauty.
We follow the whole process, from the
design of the supply of all necessary equipment and installation/assembly through management and marketing.
We have professionals from all sectors who are able to
Work with you.
In another context, we have developed
economic and financial investments. We provide advice on
how to manage your capital and where to apply it so that
may have an excellent return.
We're here for you! Count CONNOSCO!

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